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Fedora Core on the Dell Inspiron 8600

Inspiron 8600

      Hard drive : 80GB UDMA100 w/ 8MB cache Working flawlessly, 32MB/s
      DVD+RW drive : NEC ND-5100A DVD+R(W) burning works fine, de-zoning untested
      USB : USB 2.0, EHCI 1.00 Works fine with default usb-uhci and ehci_hcd
      IEEE1394 Firewire Works fine with default video1394 and raw1394
      FastEthernet : Broadcom 4400 Works fine with the default b44 driver
      Sound chip : Intel 82801DB AC'97 Works fine with the default ALSA snd-intel8x0 module
      LCD display : SEC 3150 (1680x1050) Works fine as of Fedora Core 4
      Video controller : ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 (P10) Works with xorg-x11 (no accelerated 3D, still as of 6.8.2)
      Wireless : Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Works fine with ipw2100 module and ipw2100-firmware
      Modem : Broadcom or Conexant I only tried the pctel driver so far, without success

Display :

Starting with Fedora Core 4, the native resolution of 1680x1050 can now be selected at installation time (in firstboot, actually), and there is no more need to edit xorg.conf to change the resolution or add the modeline. The free radeon driver supports the Mobility 9600 with accelerated 2D since Fedora Core 2 (not on Fedora Core 1, which was the first distribution I installed on the 8600), unfortunately 3D acceleration is still not present as of Fedora Core 4 (xorg x11 6.8.2).

As of April 2006, Fedora Core Development now has accelerated 3D for the Mobility 9600 at last!

As of September 2006, I no longer own this laptop, so this page won't be updated anymore. It shouldn't be much of a problem since everything works fine (accelerated 3D and ipw2100-firmware now included in Fedora).