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Welcome to freshrpms.net. Simple, clean... and rpm packages

...or directly download the libdvdcss packages for Fedora 11+ x86_64 or i386.

The easiest way to install freshrpms.net packages is to click here from within firefox, choose to open with Package Installer (the default) then go to Add/Remove Software from the main menu, where new applications will be available in the list.

The price of freedom is responsibility, but it's a bargain, because freedom is priceless. ~ Hugh Downs

Latest news entry (2010/03/20)

You are probably looking for RPM Fusion, where you should find all of the packages freshrpms.net used to build, and many more. Since Fedora 10, freshrpms.net only hosts the libdvdcss package.

You can support what freshrpms has done during years by donating a little something through PayPal.