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This page explains what software to install and what you need to know and configure in order to play video DVDs using Red Hat Linux. As often with Free Software, there a various alternatives to choose from, which is why you'll find quick descriptions to hopefully help you in your choice. I still recommend trying all possibilites, especially if a DVD doesn't work with your usual program, it may very well work with another!

Important requirement : Red Hat Linux does not enable DMA by default any more on IDE CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives since 7.3. This means that you will get a choppy playback by default, but it can be easily corrected :


Screenshot from Ogle

Ogle is by far the most simple to install and to use, as unlike most others, it's designed to be a software DVD player and nothing more. It fully supports menus, most sound formats (including PCM but not DTS), and is ALSA compatible. Its goal is simplicity and it achieves it quite well.

Tips :


Screenshot from MPlayer

MPlayer is a versatile movie player. Its DVD features do not yet include menu support, but as a very mature player it has advanced and useful video processing options. The deinterlacing it offers works great on "TV-like" interlaced streams (usually trailers, documentaries or DVDs of TV programs).

Tips :


Screenshot from Xine

Xine is a versatile movie player just like MPlayer, it even offers some neat visual effects for audio-only streams. Its DVD features are very advanced and very well integrated in its GUI. It fully supports menus.

Tips :

VideoLAN Client

Will come later.